The Carnet Story

The Designer

“Be true to your creative vision, and never compromise your standards.

This is the philosophy of designer Michelle Ong, whose artistic vision has long established the impeccable reputation of Carnet. With a precise eye for detail and a perfectionist nature, each creation is meticulously brought to life until it is an exact affinity of her design. 

Her creations transcend the impossible; she approaches jewellery design as an art form and fuses traditional with modern, East with West. It is this powerful sense of expression that breathes life into sensual jewels.

The Partnership

Combining their expertise in stones, materials and design, Michelle Ong and Avi Nagar created a partnership that has made Carnet the success it is today. 

Michelle Ong was born and lives in Hong Kong, but spent some years in Canada. She combines these Eastern and Western influences to produce designs that are a powerful statement of the modern woman. 

Avi Nagar stands by his values of excellence in stones and quality of craftsmanship. His experience and expertise are the platform upon which the vision of Carnet is expressed.

The Story

Designer Michelle Ong has been creating beautiful and collectible jewels for Carnet over the past two decades.

Carnet began as a notebook filled with sketches, marked down at the moment of inspiration. Described by JAR as “mouth-watering”, only the most irresistible stones are chosen for Carnet’s famous use of light and depth, making each piece a wearable, collectible piece of art. 

Each unique creation is designed for the confident, modern woman – the jewels are powerful, alluring, and gravity-defying. Carnet jewels are to be worn with effortless ease. Michelle Ong’s unrivalled intuition couples every client with their perfect Carnet jewel to adore and treasure.